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okay, so the thing about white privilege is that it creates an environment where western culture = universal, global culture, whereas other cultures are viewed as specific to certain regions. you’re not expected to give up your customs or your ways of life in order to assimilate to other societies (at least, not that i’ve seen), and if you do assimilate, it is by choice and not by necessity. (yes, it makes things easier to know the language & customs of the people you are living amongst, but it is not a necessity, because most people living in other countries have rudimentary knowledge of english & western culture. immigrants don’t have the luxury of choosing not to learn english, choosing not to understand western ways, unless they live in neighbourhoods like chinatown, and even then it’s still necessary to at least know basic english to get around, whereas in china, all the signs in major metropolis areas (where westerners tend to gather, because they don’t want to see dirty china, they want to be in places where they can coddle their deeply-held ideas of what china should be — beijing, xianggang, aomen, hangzhou, shanghai) have english translations.)

a white person can go to somewhere like china (again, my experience with asia is basically limited to east china, because, well, i’m from northeast china, and i’ve never really felt the urge to go to ~other places~ for vacation because i don’t speak those languages, whereas i’m fluent in chinese?) and live in places like china and still have access to media from white countries. the big bang theory? how i met your mother? ncis? csi? they are HUGE. HUGE. all the hip kids watch it. and you don’t have to know chinese to have access to your own media — they are broadcasted on regular cable — unlike immigrants to places like the usa, who have to (like my family) get addends to their cable providers in order to see news programs and tv shows and films in our language. (and this isn’t me exaggerating. i taught english at my dad’s company for a bit, and they were asking for recommendations for television to watch and films to see in order to get better at understanding english — nine times out of ten, they knew the show i was talking about, had already watched the show i was talking about, knew about films i hadn’t even heard of.)

+ white is still the standard, even where white isn’t the default. i was near tiantan (i think, i don’t remember — it was one of the bigger tourist attractions), in one of the larger shopping areas of the city, and plastered everywhere were pictures of white models, pictures of white actresses, pictures of white men, magazines that catered to white people (and even if they didn’t — like vogue china or elle china — they pushed articles that taught you how to make your eyes look rounder, make your skin less olive-toned, make your nasal bridge look higher). this is what is being pushed as beautiful. this is what they strive to be like.

you don’t have to live in a predominantly white country to feel pressured to adhere to white ideals & standards.